Hi, I'm Jenelle

You’re about to begin one of the most enriching adventures of your life. You're ready to write your book and make an impact on readers, and I'd love to help you reach your goal.


As a Book Coach, I work with women who want to create impact, influence, and income with a book. To put it simply, I’m here to streamline your writing process and help you achieve your goal of a published book.

I love sharing my expertise and years of experience with clients from all walks of life. Whether you’re a professional, entrepreneur, or career-expert, I’ve got you covered. The self-publishing learning curve may seem steep, but with me, we’ll cut it in half

Here’s what I know-- Every woman deserves to have her voice be heard.

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Let’s Work Together

You want to share your story and knowledge with the world by writing a book. And you want to be seen as a purpose-driven thought leader.


You’re also ready to expand your brand while being of service to others. And you want to increase your visibility and attract the right clients.


My goal for you as a new author is that you're able to magnetize the right connections, clients, opportunities.


No more putting off writing a book. You're here because you're ready to Start.

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Strategy Session

Book a 1-on-1 call

On this 60 minute call, we will discuss your current writing struggles and overall vision for your book. This session is designed to help you gain clarity on the book you want to write and the value it delivers to readers.  

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